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Based on serving the regional economic development of Hangzhou, the School of Art and Design (hereinafter the School) aims to cultivate application-oriented, innovative and entrepreneurial high-caliber technical and skilled talents in art and design, and adheres to the talent cultivation path of “ability-based, work-integrated learning, school-enterprise cooperation and sustainable development”. We attaches great importance to cultivating students’ comprehensive vocational qualities, such as ideological and moral quality, professional knowledge and skills, practical and innovative capability, scientific and humanistic quality, employment and entrepreneurship ability.

The School is built by means of specialty groups and has remarkable characteristics in its specialties. The specialty group of Artistic Habitat connects with the construction of future communities and beautiful villages, and takes serving the construction of high-quality living environment as its own responsibility. The School has five majors and directions: Interior Art Design, Interior Art Design (soft decoration), Environmental Art Design, Architectural Decoration Engineering Technology and Advertising Art Design. Among them, Architectural Decoration Engineering Technology is supported by central government, classified as provincial and municipal characteristic major, and Interior Art Design and Advertising Art Design are key majors of college.

The School has a team of high-qualified teachers. There are more than 60 full-time and part-time teachers with a balanced structure of the teaching staff. 20 full-time teachers have senior titles, including 5 professors and 15 associate professors. 100% of the teachers are qualified as “Double-Position” teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 1 Class D Talent of Hangzhou, 9 Class E Talents of Hangzhou, 1 Outstanding Teacher of Hangzhou Colleges and Universities, 4 “131” Young and Middle-aged Talents of Hangzhou , 1 Talent of Hangzhou  “Leading Goose” Project, 10 Outstanding Teachers of Hangzhou Education System, 1 Member of the 10th Batch of Youth Talent Pool in Art and Literature of Hangzhou Federation of Literature and Art, 2 Members of the Teaching Steering Committee of Art and Design of Vocational Schools of the Ministry of Education, and 2 Experts of “Design Education Expert Pool” of China National Interior Decoration Association(CIDA).

The School has demonstrated its strength in training and practice bases inside and outside the college. At present there is a “Five-In-One”campus comprehensive training base, with a total area of more than 4,500 square meters. It has more than 20 professional training rooms, such as soft decoration and furnishings design training room, VRAR virtual presentation training room, decoration construction training room, architectural decoration and construction training room, photography training room, professional exhibition hall, professional painting studio, and professional design studio. The school is a council member of Hangzhou Building Decoration Association, a member of Zhejiang Association of Creative Design, Hangzhou Interior Designers Association, Hangzhou Photographers Association(HPA) and other 7 industry associations. It has established close cooperation with more than 30 well-known enterprises in the industry, such as Zhejiang Jiuding Architectural Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd., Chengcheng Design Group Co.,Ltd., Zhejiang Yasha Decoration Co.,Ltd., and Shengdu Decoration Co.,Ltd., providing a broad platform for students’ internship and employment. The employment rate of graduates has reached more than 98%.

The School is rich in teaching resources and scientific research achievements. It has participated in the National Teaching Resources Library of Interior Art and Design and National Teaching Resources Library of Cultural Inheritance and Innovation. It currently has 1 Provincial High-quality Course, 4 Municipal High-quality Courses, 13 College High-quality and Online Open Courses, 1 Provincial Key Textbook, 6 Provincial and Ministerial Teaching and Research Projects, 15 Municipal and Bureau-level Teaching and Research Projects, and more than 100 College Scientific Research and Teaching Reform Projects.

The School has a strong cultural and creative atmosphere. Now there is a training base for the third batch of college students in cultural and creative industry of Hangzhou. Deeply connecting with Hangzhou high-quality living environment construction and cultural and creative key construction areas, with cultural education as the focus, it actively explores education and teaching reform to create a distinctive brand of art and design.The school has a local culture and design research institute, three teaching bases for intangible cultural heritage, and six students’ professional associations thereby providing enterprises both inside and outside college with services such as cultural and creative product development and design, rural landscape design, Minshuku design, and cultural connotation improvement. The professional and technical level and ability have been unanimously recognized by enterprises. In recent years, students of the School have won more than 100 awards in national and provincial professional skills and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. The number of students starting their own businesses reaches 20% every year.