School of General Studies

(School of Physical and Military Education)

School of General Studies (hereinafter the School ), one of the college’s faculties, is mainly responsible for the teaching, construction of and research on mathematics, foreign languages, sports and other disciplines as well as providing military theory education and sports services. It consists of three offices for teaching and research on mathematics, foreign languages and military sports, and two offices respectively for comprehensive and teaching affairs. There are 33 full-time faculty members, among whom 14 are with senior titles, and 4 are selected as Hangzhou Municipal D&E Level Talents respectively.

The School takes the cultivation of students’ basic professional quality as the core task,vigorously promotes the connotation construction, and explores, innovates and forges ahead in all respects, including curriculum construction, teaching reform, associations development, academic competition, sports, skills contest, and Party building. In recent years, it has made a number of breakthroughs such as publication of 1 textbook listed as national plan, authentication of 1 provincial high-quality online open course, 1 second prize for Teaching Achievements of Zhejiang Province, 4 first prizes in the National Colleges Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2 gold medals in the 20th National Colleges Students Track and Field Championship, 12 gold medals in National Colleges Students Karate Championship, 1 first prize in National Colleges Students Shooting (Archery) Championship, 1 first prize in the National College Students English Vocabulary Competition, 2 third prizes in National College Students English Writing Competition, 3 group champions in Zhejiang College Students Aerobics Championship, setting 1 record in Zhejiang College Students Track and Field Championship.

All faculty members adhere to the development concept of “building a harmonious and happy School of General Studies, serving talents cultivation and strategy for strengthening college”, faithfully implement the Party’s education policy, and take “building morality and cultivating” as the basis. We’ll constantly promote the construction of curriculum, classroom and associations, explore teaching reform, improve ideological and political work, and boost the quality of education and teaching level by means of utilizing strength from teaching workforce building, dynamism from institutional reform, support from education service, power from cultural development, and synergy from organizational construction, thereby making new contributions to realizing the college’s development goal of “taking the lead by applying a two-step approach”.