The School of Marxism (hereinafter the School) was established in March 2021, and currently has 32 teachers for ideological and political theory courses, including 1 professor, 8 associate professors, 16 lecturers and 7 teaching assistants. Among them, 3 teachers are with doctoral degrees and 24 with master’s degrees. Young and middle-aged teachers are the main teaching workforce of the college. There are 4 over the age of 50, 22 between the ages of 30 and 49 and 6 under 30. A team of balanced teachers’ structure in titles, degrees, disciplines and age has been formed.

The School has built 3 Hangzhou Quality Online Open Courses and 1 Provincial Quality Online Open Course, with 2 Provincial Quality Online Open Courses under construction. Centering on the three courses of Ideological, Moral Cultivation and Basic Law,An Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Concept of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and Situation and Policy, we have formed a teaching reform mode of Coordination of Four which refers to professionalization of teachers, specialization of teaching, informatization of means and routinization of practice. We have developed 22 teaching topics under Ideological, Moral Cultivation and Basic Law, and An Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Concept of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and developed four anti-epidemic teaching topics and complete teaching resources packages. Relying on Zhejiang Province Higher Education Online Open Courses Sharing Platform, we carry out “online + offline” mixed teaching, achieving full coverage of classes, and build and continuously update ideological and political theory teaching material database. We have created a brand of practice teaching of ideological and political theory course named Walking, Reading Mountainous Villages, Creating Life-like Classes, which was reported by Fuyang Daily, Hangzhou Daily, Zhejiang Education Daily, China Education Daily and so on. The students enjoy our activities very much. The effectiveness of teaching has been significantly improved. The average score of teachers in ideological and political theory is over 92 points, and many teachers are among the top 20% of the college in terms of teaching evaluation. It has won 1second prize and 1 third prize of the 4th Teaching Achievement Award of Hangzhou Polytechnic.

Relying on Outstanding Teachers’ Studios (Wutai Sheng and Litong Le) for Ideological and Political Theory Courses of Zhejiang Colleges and Universities, we will strengthen the cultivation, training and professional growth of backbone teachers and young teachers of the School. In the past two years, the teachers have attained 8 college research projects, 7 municipal and bureau-level research projects and 2 provincial and ministerial research projects. They have published 25 papers and won more than 20 provincial and municipal teaching and scientific research awards. 10 teachers have been hired as Provincial Party History Study and Education members, the national Chinese core periodical network evaluation experts, Municipal Party History Study and Education member,  Hangzhou Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Project evaluation experts, Hangzhou Daily ideological and political theory class members, “131” Talent Project of Hangzhou, and Hangzhou “Leading Goose Plan”.

In order to better serve the local economic and social development, the School has established the Regional Rural Governance Research Institute, completed three Hangzhou Advisory Committee projects, submitted five Hangzhou blue paper research reports, and hosted the national Rural Governance Modernization and Rural Revitalization academic seminar. We actively serve rural cultural construction, participate in Fuyang social science popularization base construction guidance and Taste Mountainous Areas beautiful village construction competition selection, publicize social science, and walk into the countryside to guide rural cultural construction and rural social governance. These activities have been recognized and praised by the society. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the organization of online special teaching on epidemic prevention and control achieved good results, which was also reported by China Education Daily and other media.