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The School of Business Management (hereinafter the School), one of the faculties of Hangzhou Polytechnic, is a key school integrating learning and production among colleges and universities of Hangzhou. It is also the construction unit school of the New Retail Management Specialty Group (2019-2022) , an emerging specialty group integrating teaching and production in Hangzhou. The School has majors such as Big Data and Accounting, Cross-border E-commerce, and Chain Operation and Management (new retail direction). Among them, Accounting supported by Big Data and Accounting is the key major of the college, the characteristic specialty of 13th Five-Year Plan of Zhejiang Province, and the specialty integrating teaching and production of Hangzhou.

The School has 2 research institutions (the Institute of Political Economics and the Institute of Corporate Culture) , 1 Double-Position Teachers Training Base of Zhejiang Higher Vocational Colleges, 1 Hangzhou ERP Staff Training Center and 1 Hangzhou ERP Skill Master Studio. The School has a team of teachers with high academic degrees and strong research abilities. At present, there are more than 40 teachers, with 14 professors and associate professors, 8 selected into Hangzhou “131 Middle-aged and Young Talent Project (including 1 for the first level and 1 for the second level), 1 selected into the 151 Talent Project of Zhejiang Province, 1 as the Leading Accounting Talent in Zhejiang Province, 2 as Leading Accounting Talents in Hangzhou, 3 as the Specialty Leading Persons of Provincial Vocational Colleges, and 1 as the Academic Leader of the Young and Middle-aged in Municipal Colleges and Universities. There are 20 part-time teachers from enterprises, including 6 visiting professors.

The School attaches importance to the cultivation of students' practical skills, professional quality and innovation and entrepreneurship ability. It has built a comprehensive industrial and commercial training base with an area of 2,239 square meters, including 14 on-campus training rooms to meet the needs of cultivating students' comprehensive quality and professional ability. It has won 1 first prize in the National College Students' E-commerce Challenge Competition, 1 first prize in the Zhejiang College Students' Statistical Survey Scheme Design, and many other prizes and awards in a number of contests, including the National Management Decision Simulation Competition Final, Zhejiang UFIDA Xindao Cup Sand Table Simulation Operation Competition, the National Foreign Trade Skill Competition of Vocational Colleges and the National Accounting Informatization Competition. In addition, the School has established close cooperation with Zhejiang Rosen Department Store Co., Ltd., Shanghai Unified Starbucks Coffee Co., Ltd., Fuchunjiang Tax Agent Office, Xindao Technology Co., Ltd., Business Travel Group, Wal Mart (Zhejiang) Department Store Co., Ltd., China (Hangzhou) Cross Border Trade E-commerce Industrial Park and other enterprises, creating good social conditions for students' internship, employment and entrepreneurship.