Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

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I. Introduction

The major of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, a pivotal part of the Double-High Class A Major Group in Zhejiang Province, the Intelligent Manufacturing Advantageous Major Group in Zhejiang Province as well as the Specially Needed Major Group in Hangzhou, aims to cultivate highly skilled and technical personnel mastering intelligent processing, intelligent detection, virtual simulation, digital design and manufacturing.

II. Main courses

Intelligent Processing Technology

Intelligent Detection Technology

Industrial Robot Virtual Simulation Technology

Industrial Robot Operation and Programming

Digital 3D Product Modelling

Product Data Management

Sensor Detection Technology

PLC Programming Technology

Mechanical Drawing and CAD

Machinery Manufacturing Process and Equipment

Mechanical CAD/CAM Technology

III. Qualification/Skill certificates

Intermediate to Advanced UG Certificate

1+X Certificate: Intermediate to Advanced CNC (Machining Centre) or CNC Machine Tool Operator

1+X Certificate: Programmable Control Designer

Smart Manufacturing Engineering Technician, etc.

IV. Career prospects

Graduates are to be intelligent manufacturing engineering technicians, including intelligent processing operators, product inspection modellers, intelligent manufacturing equipment assemblers and repairers, intelligent manufacturing production managers, data managers, etc.