Mechatronics Technology (Intelligent Control and Operation)

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I. Introduction

This major is a pivotal part of the Double-high Class A Major Group in Zhejiang Province, which is in line with the digital transformation of Hangzhou's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Based on the human resource requirements of Made in China 2025 strategy, this major is deeply rooted in Qiantang New Area and Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, and cultivates technical and skilled talents capable of engaging in simulation, programming, debugging, management, operation and maintenance of intelligent equipment as well as intelligent production lines.

II. Main courses

Mechanical Drawing,


Electrical and Electronic Technology,

Electrical Control and PLC Technology,

Industrial Internet of Things Technology,

Digital Design and Simulation of Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line,

Basic Principles and Programming of Industrial Robots,

Single-Chip Microcomputer Technology and C Programming,

Big Data Technology,

Electronic CAD Technology,

Application of Sensors and Testing Technology,

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Industrial Robots Automated Line,

Field Programming of Industrial Robots,

Design and Application of Tooling and Fixtures, etc.

III. Qualification/Skill certificates

UG Certificate (Intermediate),

1+X Certificate: Industrial Robot Operation and Maintenance

1+X Certificate: Intelligent Manufacturing Production Management and Control

Industrial Robots Operation and Adjustment Worker

Industrial Robot Assembly and Maintenance Worker

Electrician Certificate (Intermediate)

IV. Career prospects

Graduates will mainly work in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, such as industrial robots and other electromechanical equipment operation, installation, commissioning, maintenance, overhaul, production management, operation and sales, etc. After 3 to 5 years of work, they are able to be engaged in robot application system design, technical upgrading, after-sales technical support, etc.