For Advocating Skills and Labor: an Educational Practice Activity on the New Labor Organized in School of Tourism Management

Publisher:Office of International EducationRelease time:2022-05-16Viewed:36

On May 10th, School of Tourism Management and the College-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. jointly organized an educational practice activity on the New Labor of "Paying Tribute to Workers and Forging Ahead in the New Era" , where students, together with the front-line workers on campus had experienced theprocess of making "a cup of tea". Yuan Jun, member of the college's Party Committee and vice president, attended the event and presented gifts to representatives of the workers from infirmary, logistics, catering and security.

The educational practice activity on the New Labor, jointly established by  School of Tourism Managementand the College-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd., is an innovative exploration of integrating the Second Classwith the campus new labor. Du Ping, a professional teacher majoring in Educational Field Trip Management and Service, said that the activity was divided into tea garden maintenance and tea arts experience including Diancha, tea brewing and tea offering, which not only cultivated students' labor skills, but also promoted the tea culture. Du Ping said thatthe Second Class and a series of labor courses designed on tea planting, maintenance, picking, making and brewing were "of great significance to cultivate students' labor ability and shape their labor consciousness, as well as to optimize the curriculum system of the Second Class."

The most distinctive feature of this event is to connect the leisurely and elegant activities of Diancha, tea brewing and tea appreciating with the sweaty working life. "We usually learn tea art knowledge in the classroom and practice tea art skills in the training room. It is the first time for us to experience both theory and practice in the tea garden.”said Xie Jing, a student from Class 2021.She also expressed that the educational practice made her know more about the tea culture and the labor spirit and "from tea planting, picking, making and brewing, we need to go through laborious work to achieve the final elegance of a cup of tea. Tea is hard to get, so it is the same with our happy life, which demands our effortful hard work".

The hard-working front-line workers on campus are the best examples for students to learn from. Ten representatives, including Xie Jianxiang, leader of the security team, Wu Yuhong, an administrator of the dormitories, Qian Minhua, an infirmary doctor, Sheng Gangming, chief chef of the canteen, were invited to the scene, where they watched the performance of Diancha and brewing tea, accepted tea offerings from students, and presented awards to the winners of the First Hangzhou Polytechnic Song-styled Diancha Competition. These workers said that it was the first time for them to present awards to students and to be served tea by students, which was the college’s respect for their work, and they felt very proud.

In recent years, the College-owned Asset Management Co., Ltd. has launched some campus educational activities on the New Labor, such as tea seedling planting,  harvesting, and gardening landscape designing and producing, in combination with the different subject characteristics of schools. Zheng Long, head of the company, said that the educational practice carried out in cooperation with School of Tourism Managementis to make the new labor education curricular, systematic and routine,and "to integrate all resources in the college to build an education joint force ".