Students Won the Gold Medal in the First World Vocational College Skills Competition

Publisher:Office of International EducationRelease time:2022-12-28Viewed:78

Hangzhou Polytechnic - Southwest Gauteng Vocational College United team won the gold medal for Industrial Robot Technology Application with full score in the First World Vocational College Skills Competition, making Hangzhou Polytechnic the only vocational college in Zhejiang Province that have gained the laurel.

The First World Vocational School Skills Competition was initiated by the Ministry of Education and jointly organized by competent departments, industry organizations and local governmentas a comprehensive skills competition for teachers and students from all vocational schools around the world with a total of 23 events, taking the formationof Sino-foreign joint team.

Weng Zhengdong was a freshman student who constantly wrote and debugged PLC programs, skilled and meticulous, and he demonstrated extraordinary talent and ability at a young age. “When I saw robots on TV as a child, I had fallen in love with it.Weng Zhengdong loved playing with various electronic devices since he was young, and disassembling and assembling was his greatest daily pleasure.

When Zhang Ying applied for the competition, he wasgraduating from HZPT. At that time, he had been an intern tutor in HZPT for nearly one year. During the competition, Zhang Ying was mainly responsible for the programming of ABB industrial robots and robot hand grasping tools.

Although Zhou Zhaozhao has been working at HZPT for just over a year, he has long been a “master” in the field of robotics. After leaving a well-known robotics technology company that he has worked for many years, Zhou Zhaozhao wants to impart his years of love for robotics and practical project experience to students. I want tobring industrial knowledge and practical technology into the classroom.”

After winning the gold medal, the three young men had new dreams. They want to learn more cutting-edge professional technologies, participate in more heavyweight professional competitions, further focus on core technology research and key application innovation, and contribute to building Zhejiang into a global advanced manufacturing base and a global digital transformation highland.