A Date with Hanfu: a Show Performed by the Tea Art Society of School of Tourism Management in Chunjian Township

Publisher:Office of International EducationRelease time:2022-11-07Viewed:68

On October 31, the people's government of Chunjian Township of Fuyang District, together with School of Tourism Management of Hangzhou Polytechnic, launched a Hanfu Show on the paths of the tea hills of Chunjian Township. Du Ping, an expert on "Common Prosperity in Rural Areas" from School of Tourism Management as well as professional teacher of Educational Field Trip Management and Service, and members of the school's Tea Art Society participated in this activity, which promoted not only the beauty of the culture of Hanfu, but also the in-depth development of the project of "Auditorium Cultural Manager".

Chunjian Township is one of the main tea producing areas in Fuyang District, known as "Home of Tea Art". In recent years, the development of the tea culture industry has comprehensively broadened the new path of enriching the village and the local people. Tang Peng, leader of the performance team of the Tea Art Society and a  student of Class 2101 of Hospitality Management, was so attracted to the splendid view of the vast tea garden that he thought it was worthy of all the hard work of rehearsal in the past week and said that "As a student in a higher vocational college, I'm glad to be able to participate in the serving activities of the project of Rural Revitalizaton."

Since 2021, School of Tourism Management has undertaken the service work of the project of "Auditorium Cultural Manager" in four villages and towns of Fuyang District, by appointing and training college students' cultural managers, organizing training and seminars related to tea tourism culture, and promoting horizontal research, with a service platform of Rural Revitalization integrating four functions in terms of professional teaching, practical education, scientific research services and innovation,  and entrepreneurship set up in these townships as the achievement. Xu Dehong, deputy dean of School of Tourism Management, said that the Hanfu Show was a small attempt to combine tea culture with Chinese traditional dress culture, so that more young students would come to learn about Chunjian and woulddedicate their youth to the projects of Rural Revitalization and Common Prosperity.