Hangzhou is a modern, safe city but as with any place with millions of people, there are inherent safety risks. The violent crime rate is incredibly low, though petty theft is common especially in touristy areas. It is important to be aware of your belongings, particularly on buses or in large crowds.
Perhaps the largest risk to your safety is traffic. Rules of the road are more often than not just guidelines here – red lights are sometimes run, cars drive in bike lanes, and five vehicles usually squeeze into only three lanes. Never assume a car will stop for you, but also realize that there are horrible penalties for a driver who hits a pedestrian, so they don’t want to hit you either – use your best judgment, just be careful!
If you become ill and need medical attention, Hangzhou has an excellent hospital that caters to expats. The hospital staffs English speaking doctors and nurses and offers medical reports and bills in English. The hospital will also work with insurance; speak with the Foreign Affairs Office to see if it accepts the health insurance plan as per the contract. Don’t hesitate to ask speak up to the Foreign Affairs Office if you need medical assistance. For more information on the hospital, visit: http://www.srrsh.com/jiuyi.php?order=6&path=103,117&fid=103&cid=162.

Emergency numbers:
- Fire: 119
- Ambulance: 120
- Police: 110
Note: you may not find someone who speaks English when dialing these numbers